Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review of Bomba Gear Gymnastics Rings from Fringe Sports

I recently purchased a pair of Bomba Gear Handmade Wooden Gymnastics Rings from Fringe Sports.  Tracy and I have used them for a few weeks now.  Here is a clip of some of the progress Tracy made on the rings in just one week following the training routine I designed.

We like the Bomba Gear Rings a lot.  The handmade wooden rings are not slippery when my hands are perspiring, so I haven't needed chalk so far.  The heavy duty straps are more than 18 feet in length, marked in 1/4 foot increments with embroidery, and have a heavy duty motorcycle cam-buckle that makes it easy to quickly adjust both rings to the same height.  The rings are rated for 1000 pounds and the straps for 3800.  At only $65 I think they are a great value, so I decided to put up a video review. 

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