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Raising HDL not a sure route to countering heart disease

Raising HDL not a sure route to countering heart disease

Some proponents of low carb, high fat, and meat-based diets promote the idea that a high HDL protects against cardiovascular disease.  They like this idea because diets rich in meat and fat typically raise total cholesterol levels and LDL levels, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eating fat and protein raises HDL (while also raising total and LDL cholesterol), so proponents of high fat, high meat diets like to think that this elevated HDL protects them from the negative effects of elevated LDL and total cholesterol.

"It's been assumed that if a patient, or group of patients, did something to cause their HDL levels to go up, then you can safely assume that their risk of heart attack will go down," said senior author Sekar Kathiresan, director of preventive cardiology at MGH, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and an associate member of the Broad Institute. "This work fundamentally questions that."

This study found that people with 15 genetic variations resulting in naturally elevated HDL had no lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those with lower HDL levels.

Thus, don't believe those who claim that raising your HDL by eating fat and meat will protect you from cardiovascular disease.


LeonRover said...

However, when you have it, you stop the docs trying to statinate you.

Mine has been in excess of 3 mmol forever.

Drug interventions to increase it rarely work.

Who needs the mevalonate pathway blocked? Bizarre.

DarkShingingStar said...

I really think you would enjoy getting familiar with Dr. Robert Morse, ND. He does free teaching on his youtube channel (Look up his videos on "the Great Lymphatic System" and "Raw Truth on Cancer"). He has cured thousands and has been at it for over 40yrs with fruit and herbs.

Jimmy Gee said...
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Jimmy Gee said...

There you go again with promoting the pseudoscience of the lipid hypothesis. Readers BEWARE!

Screen name required said...

"Raising HDL not a sure route to countering heart disease"

"Lowering LDL not a sure route to countering heart disease"

"Lowering triglycerides not a sure route to countering heart disease"

"Vegetarianism not a sure route to countering heart disease"

"Reading on all these studies not a sure route to countering heart disease"

"Countering heart disease not a sure route to countering heart disease"

Anonymous said...

@ Screen name required...

Perfect response to this post. I LOL'ed to boot.

Peter said...


good start to tackle heart-disease is start from this:

"Only populations that maintain very low levels of serum cholesterol, eg. total cholesterol below 150mg/dl throughout the life do we see a near-absence of clinical CHD".

national cholesterol education program, third expert panel.

According to Bill Castelli, the principal scholar of Framingham study, only 5-6 people with serum cholesterol consistently below 150mg/dl have ended dying due to cardiovascular disease. This in 40 years. It's suspected that all those individuals had vascular anomalities.

So, in order to tackle heart-disease, let us hear Bill Castelli himself.

"You know, we know that if I can get your total cholesterol down around let's say 100 to 130 or so, and I have maybe not quite a billion people on the earth like that, and those people cannot get atherosclerosis. You know in the China Study, for example, when Chou En-lai was dying of cancer he started a study in China just like the Framingham Study. The only difference was it was in 880,000,000 people so it was a little larger than the Framingham Study. But you know they found these villages in China where you couldn't get a heart attack or you couldn't get diabetes and the women couldn't get breast cancer and you know their total cholesterol were 127, but the chances we could ever get Americans down that low with diet and exercise are not good".

"KIRK HAMILTON: But what would the diet be if you didn't have drugs and you could get everybody to do exactly what you wanted diet-wise in the United States? How would you reverse the heart disease?"

"DR. WILLIAM CASTELLI: Well you'd have them on a pure vegetarian diet and not getting fat on the vegetarian diet."

Jimmy Gee said...

@ Peter,

One voice in the sea of inaccurate confounded information. Readers BEWARE!

Bog said...

@Jimmy Gee"

I LOVE THE LIPID-THEORY, it's one of few theories in medicine in which all real experts agree on.

Cholesterol myh club on par with flat earth society

You don't have to buy what I said. That's why I referred to William Castelli from the Framingmam study.

Peter said...

^The above was from me, from my second e-mail account that is.

Jimmy Gee said...

@ Peter / Bog,

As I will repeat - Readers BEWARE!

Mario Vachon said...

Bog has proven over and over again on many different blogs to be an idiot who absolutely cannot think for himself.

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