Thursday, November 8, 2018

Conceited Authorities Recommend Taxing Processed and Red Meat Based on Pseudo-Science

 Here's the Public Library of Science (in this case, pseudoscience) article by conceited "authorities " advocating an 80% tax on processed meats and a 14% tax on red meat.

Nowhere do they establish or even claim that either type of meat CAUSES disease. Rather, they only claim that meat "has been associated" with chronic diseases. I guess they didn't get the memo explaining that association does not establish causation. 

Nevertheless they quote the trash WHO report claiming that processed meat is a carcinogen and red meat is probably carcinogenic, which report has been torn to shreds by critics for the same mistake of deriving causation from mere association in the presence of major con founders.  

Georgia Eade, M.D. thoroughly exposed the extremely poor quality of the WHO report here

David Klurfield published a thorough critique of the WHO report in the journal Animal Frontiers.  Here's the summary:

This paper recommending a meat tax proves once again that most published research findings are false, and exemplifies the conceit and tyranny of " experts" who believe they have the right to coerce people into behaving the way they believe the people should behave. 

Observe that behind this proposed tax is an iron fist. If you refuse to pay you will be visited by heavily armed thugs who will threaten or apply violence to get your compliance, if you resist you will be assaulted and thrown in a cage or even shot. Taxation is theft, and this tax would not only involve confiscation of your hard-earned wealth but also depriving you of the health, fitness and intelligence you can enjoy by eating red meat, which is by Natural Law (of the food chain) one of the most nutrient-dense foods available to us.  

Graphic by the incredible Ted Naiman, M.D.

 You are taught to never question authority from an early age so that you will not question or resist when they want to apply more chains for their pleasure or benefit. If you question you will be called a "cholesterol denier" or "red meat denier" or "science denier" – in short, an INFIDEL; the game is to shame you for noticing the emperor has no clothes and is a thief. 

This is the way apparently mild-mannered psychopaths continue to attack your life, liberty and property.  Probably the authors of this tax paper get a dopamine high from their belief that they have the moral right to control our behavior to their liking. 

I say to them: get lost scum bags, the road to hell is paved with your allegedly good intentions!  

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hyperventilation and Breath Holding Increase HGH Release

If like me you follow the methods of Wim Hof The Iceman, or do yoga pranayama or Chinese qi gong, this will interest you.

Djarova et al studied the effects of hyperventilation and breath-holding on human growth hormone, cortisol, and acid-base balance.

They had subjects do three different experiments:

1. Three minutes of hyperventilation.
2.  Three maximum voluntary breath-holding bouts, separated by 1-minute periods of normal breathing.
3. Three minutes of hyperventilation immediately followed by maximal voluntary breath-holding.

They found that 30 minutes after either of these practices, their serum growth hormone levels increase 4-5 fold:

Yoga and qi gong practitioners have traditionally maintained that breathing exercises increase vitality, promote health and extend healthy lifespan.  Human growth hormone would definitely produce these effects.  Your body is a pharmacy, its just a matter of learning how to use it. 

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UN admits flaw in report on meat and climate change
Click to read article in the Telegraph

In 2010, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admitted a gross miscalculation in its claim that meat production produces more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation:

 It also confessed to having, at minimum, highly exaggerated the impact of climate change:

I find it hard to believe that the UN panel of allegedly highly qualified experts could make such an obvious miscalculation (regarding the GHG emissions of livestock operations) by honest mistake. If it was an honest mistake they are incompetent (typical for bureaucrats) and therefore untrustworthy. If not an honest mistake then it was deliberate or unconscious bias, again rendering them untrustworthy.

UN consists of unelected autocrats with a clear political agenda to be the centralized command and control- government - for the whole world. Politicians are prone to fraud to manufacture consent for their schemes and expansion of their power. (Remember Iraq's weapons of mass destruction which never existed). You can call me names for believing that politicians are corrupt and engage in deception on a mass scale via propaganda, but this is basic political "science " as already recognized by Machiavelli in his book The Prince in 1513.

Propaganda is used to convince the people that the sky is falling (Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, "glaciers could vanish within 25 years" oh no!). After manufacturing the problem, known as false flag, the gangsters promise they will protect you from the falling sky if you just give them more resources, give up more of your own liberty, and accept their decrees and an expansion of their reach, intrusion, theft and often murder (wars, executions). If you don't believe in their omniscience and omnibenevolence you are labeled an infidel ("X denier," "conspiracy theorist," etc.) to be ridiculed, imprisoned, or executed for your insolence. The gangsters even get the people to turn on one another in support of the gangsters.

It is historical fact that politicians are not trustworthy and have killed millions of people to advance their agendas and empires. There are no exceptions.

No private enterprise has ever done such, nor can force you to purchase any product or service, nor can send your sons or daughters to die in foreign wars, but via public education and control of the mass media, the gangsters have convinced (programmed) large numbers of people to believe that politicians are benevolent and private enterprise is malevolent. Of course that is part of manufacturing consent.  The politicians fraudulently market themselves to the public as the defenders of truth and justice against the villainous private sector.  Meanwhile the gangsters are transferring your heard-earned wealth to themselves through income taxes and inflation of the fake money supply (fiat currency) via fraudulent fractional reserve central banking, which is nothing but monopoly counterfeiting.
Their counterfeiting inflates the money supply thereby automatically devaluing the money bit by bit.  That's your hard earned productivity going into the hands of the gangsters (only they get the benefit of counterfeiting).  This is why is is so hard to get ahead...they are picking your pocket bit by bit, day by day.

Moreover, putting counterfeit fiat money into circulation creates boom and bust business cycles, and these drive irrational use and destruction of natural resources and consequently increases of pollution.  When fiat money from fractional reserve lending enters the economy, it fuels an increased rate of consumption of resources, which consumption necessarily involves production of garbage and pollution.  Sound money – gold – and competitive 100% reserve banking would link economic activity directly to our limited natural resource base, preventing this irrational economic and ecologic activity.  Fractional reserve banking, not meat-eating, is the root cause of our ab-use of natural resources.

Government is not a protector of the environment.  When you give politicians control of natural resources, they can do whatever they want with those resources whenever it suits them. As Vedran Vuk correctly notes:
"A government strong enough to give you everything is strong enough to take everything."......

You can preserve millions of acres through political action and lose those same millions in the time that it takes to cast a few votes and shuffle papers around Congress.
As Timothy Terrell explains, socialism is a religion, resting on faith in gangsters.
"Certainly, socialism requires a great deal of faith in the abilities of central planners to collect relevant, nonquantifiable, up-to-date information about the desires of millions of remote individuals. It requires more faith to believe that a government can prescribe an efficient allocation of resources and methods of production to meet the most important of those desires."

A trip to socialist China should convince anyone that socializing environmental and natural resource property rights – putting these in the hands of the collectivist gangsters – leads to the worst environmental abuses. The way to protect the environment is to protect private property rights.  Nations with the highest protections of private property and economic freedom have the best quality environments

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Private individuals and enterprises are the only existing check on the power of politicians.  Governments and their central banking systems are the true drivers of irrational resource use and abuse. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Veganism Is Self-Contradictory And Immoral

 In this article I will prove that veganism (ideology and ethics) is inherently self-contradictory and immoral.

Veganism – vegan ideology or ethics – maintains that we should have the same rules for treating animals as we have for treating other humans because, they claim, there exists no morally significant difference between humans and other species.  Humans and non-humans are "equal" because they suffer equally or because they are equally "subjects of experience."

But if there is no morally significant difference between humans and other species, if we are all moral equals...... 

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