Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Critical Review of the Science Cited in Body By Science

I have completed a critical review of some of the research cited by Doug McGuff and John Little in Body By Science as support for their protocol.  I was disappointed and frankly a bit miffed to find that the research they cited does not provide evidence to support the claim that the Body By Science protocol of 1-2 sets per muscle group, to concentric failure, once weekly or less frequently produces strength and mass gains at least equal to training 2-3 times weekly with higher set volumes (at least 3 weekly per muscle group).  In fact they grossly misrepresented one of the studies they cited, and overall, the studies they cited contradict some of their key claims.  Moreover, I discuss recent research that explains why training with a higher frequency and volume than prescribed in Body By Science is likely to produce greater gains in strength and muscle mass for many people.  Read my review here.

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