Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dave Feldman - 'Cholesterol is a Passenger, Not a Driver'

Dave Feldman explains why your cholesterol may go up when you adopt a low carbohydrate diet, especially after you lose body fat or if you are already a lean, muscular and physically active individual.

Feldman also discusses remnant cholesterol, which some studies have shown to be more strongly linked to cardiovascular disease risk than LDL.  Increased remnant cholesterol is also linked to increased all-cause mortality, whereas increased LDL is not linked to all-cause mortality.

Source:  Varbo et al.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Critical Review of the Science Cited in Body By Science

I have completed a critical review of some of the research cited by Doug McGuff and John Little in Body By Science as support for their protocol.  I was disappointed and frankly a bit miffed to find that the research they cited does not provide evidence to support the claim that the Body By Science protocol of 1-2 sets per muscle group, to concentric failure, once weekly or less frequently produces strength and mass gains at least equal to training 2-3 times weekly with higher set volumes (at least 3 weekly per muscle group).  In fact they grossly misrepresented one of the studies they cited, and overall, the studies they cited contradict some of their key claims.  Moreover, I discuss recent research that explains why training with a higher frequency and volume than prescribed in Body By Science is likely to produce greater gains in strength and muscle mass for many people.  Read my review here.

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