Monday, March 5, 2018

Chin ups, Push ups, Front Lever and Planche Training VLOG March 5, 2018


Justin Hamilton said...

Wow. Glad I came across this!
I'm doing movement and Keto.
Mornings I usually blend egg yolk with cream or raw milk with my coffee.
Haven't thought about how well it'd work as a pre work out. I just go do stuff after.

Question. Why semi room tempurature for the post workout drink?

Don Matesz said...

Thanks for the comment.

Cream and coffee or black tea for preworkout. Whole eggs and cream or milk for post-training.

I like the flavor better when the drink is closer to room temperature rather than very cold. Also, human digestive enzymes are most active at body temperature. The colder the drink is, the more of your body energy goes into just warming up the drink so that your digestive enzymes can work optimally. If the drink does not reach body temperature before reaching the small intestine, the enzymes will not work optimally and consequently assimilation will be impaired. From an evolutionary perspective, our ancestors did not have refrigerators most often food was likely consumed at warmer temperatures.