Wednesday, August 30, 2017

High Cholesterol Diet For Building Muscle: Is It Safe?

Is it safe to eat a high cholesterol diet to build muscle?  
In my video "Old School Post-Training Nutrition" I cited research suggesting that a high cholesterol diet may help build muscle.  However, due to widespread belief in the lipid hypothesis and the cholesterol scare, some people wonder whether it is smart to "sacrifice" low serum cholesterol for the sake of building muscle mass.  Some of these people suggest that increasing muscle mass has little or no benefits for health or life expectancy, and thus suggest it is irrational to trade cardiovascular health for what they believe is a merely cosmetic change to one's physique.  Are they right?
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Shameer Mulji said...

There's a huge study just released many in the nutritional community are debating about. Not sure if you've seen. Very interesting though

Don Matesz said...

Yes I saw it. The body of evidence contradicting the low-fat faith is growing....

Stuart said...

Well I would raise the point that oxidized LDL is part of the problem. When one combines that with genotype APOE4 which has defects slowing LDL clearance then LDL can become more oxidized, this can be measured. So if one does not know ones genome type then a nmr or Spectrallcell lab test for LDLparticle# and APOa-/B ratio would be useful to know along with small LDL from excess carbs which also tend to become oxidized.
Heart disease is multi factorial and has a chart showing 17 factors.

Now there can be an opposing viewpoint with still a high fat vegetarian diet that will also work and a read of The Plant Paradox by Dr S Grundry makes for the argument that a lectin avoidance diet is the best approach supported by his research using a lower protein diet. He used Singulex Labs to check inflamation markers TNF-a etc.

Eggs are protein too so your diet is also higher protein which has also been found good for muscle building.

Spunk said...

About 26% of the population are in the geneotype APOE4. The low fat theory started some time ago where it was yet unknown that these people had the problem and then it was assumed it applied to the whole population.

Spunk said...

Losing weight on a higher carb diet

silvertabby said...

Don, if you intend to give any importance to the lipid hypothesis and measurements, then you should think about getting your LDL-P measured and also APOE genotype. Like you, I had good ratios (TC/HDL, APO B/APO A-1) but still had moderately high LDL-P (1500+).

My doctor is a root-cause, integrative, functional type, but believes that high LDL-P along with APOE-4/3 is a bad combination. He believes that particle size doesn't matter if the particle count is high, and too many large LDL particles available to enter the artery wall is just as bad as too many small particles.

He encourages me to eat three eggs (for the rich yolk nutrition) and also some coconut oil, but wants me to reduce other animal fats, even to the point of plants-only other than the eggs–at least until my next blood work, but I'm eating some extra lean poultry.

Spunk said...

Agree fully with the above comments. I have seen many of these reported cases at Dr William Davis's forum and other places.
Another test that should not be missed is a Calcium Score. If one has a higher LDLP# then checking if one is a hyper absorbs fat.. I believe it is called the cholestrol balance test.
If needed the 10mg of zietia would be helpful.
The standard lipid panel is not accurate and is know to proceed variations of 25% in LDL as it is a calculated number not a direct measurement like in the nmr test which one can get for <150$ now. LDL=Total Cholestrol - HDL. this old test is outdated as is most of the research quoted on it in the article.
LDLP# should be <700 all others are likely to be causing calcium deposits which can be revealed with a positive Calcium Score confirming heart disease.

I would also go easy on the coconut oil, 1tbsp as it too contains saturated fat. I replace sat fat with EVOO.

silvertabby said...

One concern about low-fiber diets is bowel function. Even with months of fruits and vegetables, but no grains or beans, my stools were usually Type 1 on the Bristol Stool Chart. Only after adding one cup of cooked beans (15 g fiber) did I achieve the desirable Type 4 stool--or at least close to it.

I think adding 1300 mg of fish oil might have helped, also. Fish oil helps draw water into the intestine, and a Type 4 stool is 75% water.


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Charles Grashow said...

SO Don - low fat high carb vegan - didn't work so you went paleo - didn't work so you went back to low fat high carb vegan - didn't work so you're now you're eating a "animal-based, very low carbohydrate, high fat (VLCHF) and high cholesterol diet."

1) How long before your new diet doesn't work and you try something else?

2) Why should anyone believe what you have to say? You've cherry-picked study after study to prove that EVERY diet you've tried was the best at the time you were on it.

Charles Grashow said...

"VI suggest that no one needs to know his or her lipoprotein profile to live a healthy and long life. On the other hand, for health and strength one must eat as one has been by natural selection designed to eat, and if you exclude from your food choices anything that is present only because of human artifice, your Inner Guidance System (senses of sight, smell, taste and satisfaction) will guide you to that species-appropriate diet – as it does for all other species. The Gods35 have not made fools of us, we have made fools of    ourselves by trying to usurp the Gods."

SO - why measure your lipids at all??

Charles Grashow said...

"I find the idea that blood tests and nutritional theories only recently developed by fallible human minds provide us with better guidance toward a healthy diet than integrated biological systems that have survived millions of years of natural selection quite comical and absurd.  Like modern man's stupid attempt to 'improve' on natural foods by refining and genetic tinkering, the undue respect given to the dietary hypotheses based on blood tests is another of the many evidences of modern man's immense hubris and defiance of Nature and the Gods.  As our Asatru ancestors have warned for millennia, indulging such hubris always leads to premature demise."

Question - what do you eat in an average day? Curious minds would like to know.

Charles Grashow said...

Remember this??
Grass-Fed Animal Products Prevent Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease?

Tracy said...
Charles, you aren't posting studies that hold any weight Jimmy thinks vegans are trying to pour over the science to rationalize our views? Ha! Read all of the comments by Charles, and tell me who is trying to rationalize whom?

Jimmy, Don is not wasting his time dealing w/ some of the bozos here who have way overstayed their welcome to rationalize his diet choices. There is a major health epidemic on our hands of growing global proportions because confusionists like these guys will go thru great lengths to look for unreliable data, funded by special interests, to support their bad habits. They may continue to chose to eat animal products, but this is way bigger than something personal. Unfortunately, those habits are also addictive, and the powers that be with economic interests will spare nothing to keep publishing bad science to sell products. We are all part of the problem, and when you finally wake up, if you ever do, you will maybe finally get it.

Peter, I love those grains and cooked foods as well. Not to worry about us, we enjoy smoothies, but not daily. I think the problems Esselstyn speaks to involve those who possibly use smoothies as ways to either add in more fats (nuts and seeds), or protein powders which are refined, and unnecessary. Or, they may have smoothies, but under fuel. Just a thought, no science here.

The truth is guys, only time will tell what is best, eh? I know that I am putting my money on the plant-based diet, in whatever form I choose to eat it by the way, for a healthier, longer life. And my guess is your habits will catch up to you, and if you weren't at least a bit concerned about that, you wouldn't try so hard to discredit Don and myself with all the cut and paste crap you continually post.

Thx to Gunther, Peter, Healthy L. et al for your support. BTW Gunther, we will edit our video and repost. ~Tracy
October 6, 2012 at 11:58 AM

Charles Grashow said...

Tracy said...
Charles, the higher the saturated fat, and cholesterol, the less risk for dementia, all cause mortality, heart disease, or whatever else you seem to believe your eating habits are protecting you from. LMAO!

I'm pretty bored with you right now, and think it is time for you to find another blog to inhabit, like say, your own... but I would love to hear from you again during your retirement years. If you remember, and your brain cells are besieged by dementia, please do check in.

Charles Grashow said...

Don said...
So the confusionists/denialists would have us believe that the grass fed flesh- and fat-eating Mongolians have short lifespans and elevated risks of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases because their cholesterol levels are too low. LMAO.

According to the confusionists, we should have total and LDL cholesterol levels far exceeding those found in wild animals, human infants, and groups of people well-documented to have no atherosclerosis. They want to believe that adult humans need /benefit from having TC more than 50% and LDL at least 200% above known required and physiologically normal levels. LMAO.

For some reason, they clearly understand that a blood sugar level 50-200% above physiological levels is harmful, and that a body fat level 50+% above physiological levels is harmful, but they believe that a blood lipid level 50-200% above physiological levels is not only not harmful, it is, according to them, positively beneficial. LMAO.

Since they appear to agree that eating animal flesh and fat raises blood cholesterol, they must think that the Mongolians have short lifespans, etc. because they don’t eat enough animal flesh and fat to raise their cholesterol levels high enough to prevent heart disease and cancer and lengthen their lives. LMAO.

Following the line of reasoning of the confusionists further, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and thousands of primary care physicians throughout the industrialized world have relied on the weakest of evidence as the basis for prescribing LDL cholesterol-lowering diets and medications to tens of millions of patients. LMAO.

If these confusionists are correct that lowering LDL cholesterol will not protect against cardiovascular disease but will shorten your lifespan, then the NIH, NHLBI, and thousands of primary care allopathic physicians are guilty of institutionalized malpractice, actually shortening the lives of tens of millions of people by lowering their cholesterol levels to physiological ranges. I’ll let the reader judge how the likelihood of that.

Reader, if you want to find out if you have carnivorous dentition, or a carnivorous/omnivorous psychophysical constitution, try to eat an animal the way any other natural carnivore or omnivore does, without any tools, cooking, or condiment. Simply grab the animal while it is still alive, and sink your fingers and teeth into it while it is still squirming and fighting, and see if you genuinely enjoy sticking your face into the blood, guts, and feces. Let your heart’s reaction to this prospect guide you to what to eat.

If you think you are an insectivore, eat insects the way any other insectivore does. Grab the buggers and put them in your mouth without cooking or condiment. If you relish the thought, with no revulsion, you’re a natural insectivore. If you think that the fact that some people have eaten insects proves that eating insects benefits human health, you must also think that the fact that some people smoke cigarettes proves that smoking cigarettes benefits human health.

I have had enough of these jokers in my living room misleading my guests. From here on out, I am moderating comments. Stand for truth, goodness, compassion, and beauty, or get lost.

Charles Grashow said...


What about the book you published in November 2016?? You know - this one

Essential Macrobiotics: The Universal Way of Health & Prosperity (Basic Macrobiotics) (Volume 1) Paperback – November 26, 2016
by Don Matesz (Author), Tracy Matesz (Author)

Is it worthless??