Monday, May 15, 2017

VLCHF Diet for Psoriasis Experiment Week 2 Report

I have been eating very low carbohydrate, high fat for two weeks now.  My digestible (net) carbohydrate intake has been below 50 g on most days, provided by oranges, berries, onions, beets, carrots, winter squash, and greens (mostly spinach, lettuce, kale).

I've continued to eat 300-400 g of meat daily, mostly beef (roast, brisket, sirloin steak, ground), with some pork, chicken, and sardines.  I had at least half a dozen eggs over the week.  My protein intake has been in the range of 120-140 g per day.  I have found my desire for protein is less than my desire for fat.

I have gotten roughly 65-70% of my calories from fats, mostly clarified butter, bacon drippings, fat naturally occurring on meats (all saved), heavy cream, coconut cream, and nuts, with some tallow, olive oil, high-oleic sunflower oil, and liquid fish oil (~1-1.5 tsp. daily).  I've been getting around 150 g total fat in a day, with about 55 g of that from saturated fatty acids.  My cholesterol intake has ranged from about 350 to 1000 mg per day, mostly depending on egg yolk intake.

So, what has happened to my skin?  Take a look.
I find this photo of my eye remarkable.  The skin above the eye is much healthier, but the eye itself has changed.  The sclera is whiter with less blood vessels visible.  The iris is a bluer green and more clearly defined around the edges. I can't recall my iris ever being this blue-green.  In the April 30 and May 8 photos, there is a brown area around and especially above the pupil, which has greatly reduced in area.  Iridology identifies that area around the pupil as indicative of the condition of the intestine, with the yellow-brown discoloration indicating inflammation. 

The left ear has always been had the most severe visible lesion.  In the past week it has reduced by more than half, perhaps 75%, from May 8, and its reduced by at least 90% since April 30.

On the right ear, the visible lesion looks to me to have changed very little in the past week.  However, not visible in this photo is the improved condition inside the ear, particularly on the inside of the tragus (the flap over the ear canal). 

On the scalp, the size of the area with thickened, flaking skin has reduced by an estimated 50%.  The skin is not as thick, and there are no large flakes coming off anymore, only fine dust.  It still itches some, but not as much as two weeks ago, I'll estimate about a 75% reduction in itching, which is now primarily confined to an area about 2.5" in diameter encompassing but offset to the left of the occipital protuberance. 

The lesion on my tailbone has also improved.  The surface area affected has reduced by about 40-50%.  

My digestion and elimination have been functioning very smoothly.  My sleep has been sounder than before starting VLCHF.   I have had an abundance of physical and mental energy, more than when I was eating a high carbohydrate diet.  I am less irritable and more energetic and capable of mental focus toward the end of my daily ~16 hour fasts. 

Food preparation is quick and easy.   Food costs have decreased somewhat because we aren't spending on large hauls of low calorie fruits and vegetables.  As I will show in an upcoming post, on a cost per calorie basis, animal fats are far more economical than fruits and vegetables.

I've been making progress in both strength and mobility training.  The residual swelling and stiffness in my left knee (injured in September 2015, when I was eating a vegan high carbohydrate low fat whole foods plant based diet) has reduced and I can now sit in a full squat position for 14 minutes straight and sit on my heels for 5 minutes straight with tolerable discomfort in that knee (sitting on my heels was impossible for 17 months while still eating the plant-based diet).

One other tentative observation:  It seems that I may have less underarm odor.  During the past 5 years I have had a problem with strong underarm odor and staining of white shirts.  When I would eat a lot of brown rice, my underarms would emit the odor of rice, then turn sour.  Underarm odor is caused by bacterial growth, and bacteria thrive in sugar-laden mediums.  I have the hypothesis that this diet has reduced my blood sugar level, which has reduced the amount of sugar in my skin, which in turn has reduced the growth of bacteria that produce odorous compounds.  This needs further observation for confirmation. 

I am very pleased with these results so far, and most impressed with the change in the whites and irises of my eyes, and the apparent improvement in my body odor.  I look forward to seeing what occurs over the next week. 

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