Thursday, November 3, 2016

Plant-based Strength Training Update

Another month of progression.  Still gaining, still eating only plant protein.  Some highlights (not everything I do):

Tuck planche:  5s x 6 reps
Cossack squat:  12.5 pounds x 20 reps (10/side) with 5 sec pause at bottom
Chin up:  almost full L-sit, 4 full slow reps pulling chest to bar
Dips: semi L-sit, 4 slow reps
Back extenstion: 3 pounds x 6 reps with 5 sec pause at top
Straddle V-ups: 7 reps with 5 sec pause at top
Stiff-leg deadlift stretch: 46 pounds x 6 reps (at speed shown in video below)
Floor "windshield wipers": 7.5 pounds on ankles x 20 reps (10 to each side, as in video below)
Wrist flexion:  66 pounds x 10 reps


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