Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump Jr.'s Trophy Hunting Feeds African Villagers?

I recently read Hunting as a Moral Good by philosopher Lawrence Cahoone.  In this paper Cahoone argues that hunting is not a sport and is morally good in at least some instances:

Not long after I read Cahoone's persuasive paper, Ashley Feinberg, writing for the Concourse, ripped into Donald Trump Jr. for hunting large game on African safaris.

In the course of her diatribe accusing Trump Jr. of bloodlust and idiocy, she included this screenshot of a Twitter conversation Trump Jr. had with another social justice warrior:

Feinberg either didn't check on Trump Jr.'s claim that the meat was given to the villagers, or, if she did, she didn't report on it.  Perhaps she didn't care.  Given Cahoone's arguments, I was curious to find out if indeed Trump Jr.'s hunting had been a public service.

Click on photo to visit the article on PubMed.

Yep.  Taking into account all African Game Management Areas, sport hunters like Trump Jr. provide a huge amount of meat to African villagers – 129,771 kgs of meat per year, having a value of US$600,000 – and they do it when villagers are most likely to encounter food shortages.

"Rural communities located within GMAs where sport hunting occurred received on average >6,000 kgs per GMA of fresh game meat annually from hunting operators. To assess hunting industry compliance, we also compared the amount of meat expected as per the lease agreements versus observed amounts of meat provisioned from three GMAs during 2007–2009. In seven of eight annual comparisons of these GMAs, provisioning of meat exceeded what was required in the lease agreements. Provisioning occurred throughout the hunting season and peaked during the end of the dry season (September–October) coincident with when rural Zambians are most likely to encounter food shortages."
Moreover: "Although high-protein cereals are being developed [24], at present recommended daily protein requirements (50 gm/day)[25] are rarely met in Zambia [22],[26]."

Sport hunting appears to have other social and ecological benefits in Africa:



In summary, so-called "sport" hunting in Africa provides Africans with food and income, and provides them incentive to protect and preserve wild lands, wild animals, and biodiversity, which they might otherwise convert to farms and pastures for domestic livestock.   

In this article:

So ironically, Ashley apparently isn't a vegan so she's got blood in her diet too, and in this article she's trying to say that eating plants is morally equivalent to eating animals.  If that's so, then surely eating chickens is equivalent to eating elephants. So, whence her outrage?

But unlike Trump Jr.'s African sport hunting, Ashley Feinberg's social justice writing isn't providing protein or income for African villagers, nor doing a thing for African wildlife conservation or preventing the conversion of African wild lands to agriculture.  

Virtue signalling ≠ virtue.  

Who's the smug one?

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