Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NuSI Hall Study: No Ketogenic Advantage (ICO 2016)

"Dr. Yoni Freedhoff interviews Dr. Kevin Hall at #ICO2016 in Vancouver, 1 May 2016.  First presentation of "definitive" NuSI (Gary Taubes) metabolic ward results. Conclusion: no metabolic
advantage to ketogenic diet. Carb-Insulin theory of obesity falsified.  Study was funded jointly by Taubes's NuSI and the NIH." 

Note that Hall found that the rate of fat loss was slower during the ketogenic phase than during the previous high carbohydrate phase although both phases were equally hypocaloric.  Dr. Hall has performed previous research on this topic.  As I explain in the following video, the slower rate of fat loss is predictable and expected on a higher fat intake, because the daily intake of fat is continuously partially replacing fat being expended due to the hypocaloric condition.

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