Monday, February 15, 2016

Eating Barley For Blood Sugar Balance and Weight Loss

Researchers from Lund University have shown how eating whole grain barley can help you balance your blood sugar, regulate your appetite, and lose body fat without feeling hungry.  Remember barley and lentils were the main foods of the gladiators!


Barbie Chiu said...

Good day. I was impressed with your article. Keep it up . You can also visit my site if you have time. Thank you and Bless you always.

thhq said...

I just read a piece of sycophantic praise you wrote on Good Calories Bad Calories in 2010. Can you remove it now? Pleeease?

For the record, this is what just I posted in that thread, which will probably go unread.

"It is time to take down this sycophantic praise. Since the carb insulin assertion is based on fraudulent NHANES survey data, everything that GT claims is subject to question.

It is also about time that the direction of the obesity crusade took a turn away from the sugar tack and aimed directly at the cause of the major cause of increased calorie consumption. USDA shows 80% of the calorie increase 1970-2005 to be refined grains and added fats, and only 6% in sweeteners. That's not an indictment of Big Gulps and fruit eating. It's an indictment of Cheetos. 60% added fat + 40% refined grains = Cheetos."

I'm concerned that the HFLC community has diverted the national health discussion in a bad direction for the last 15 years. Atkins in sheeps' clothing - HFLC - is giving us the health of Robert Atkins instead of Ancel Keys, George McGovern and Henry Blackburn. Even Colonel Sanders is a better model.

To your original point, I've been a very happy barley eater for the last 10 years. It's the cheapest and most nutritious grain I know of. It takes more water, and more time, but it cooks very well in my rice cooker.