Monday, July 28, 2014

Oldways Classes Teach US Blacks About Traditional African Plant Foods - ABC News

Paticipants Lose Body Fat and Improve Health

The Boston-based Oldways Institute is sponsoring  "Taste of African Heritage" classes, which promote healthier eating through traditional
foods:  beans, greens, rice, grains, vegetables and spices that are common in traditional African dishes.  And the classes are partially funded by a grant from Walmart:

"Formed in 1990, Oldways emphasizes traditional, plant-based diets like
those from the Mediterranean region, Asia and Latin America over the
processed items common in many American homes and restaurants. Following
a pilot program held in 2012 for the African classes, the organization
last year began using a $250,000 grant from Walmart to offer six-session
classes across the country."
 The program is proving to be a success; participants are not only learning to cook traditional African dishes, they are losing weight and gaining health:

"Fifty of 150 planned courses already have been completed, and many
participants are seeing measurable results, said Oldways president Sara
Baer-Sinnott. Baer-Sinnott said that of 240 people who have completed
personal evaluations, 66 percent lost weight, 38 percent had a decrease
in blood pressure and 55 percent lost inches from their waist."
These results came not from gimmicks, but by increasing intake of traditional plant foods, and reducing intake of refined foods, fats, and animal products.

Kudos to Oldways.

Original article:  Classes Aim to Hook US Blacks on African Foods - ABC News

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Charles Grashow said...


"The African Heritage Diet, as shown on the African Heritage Diet Pyramid, is based on whole, fresh plant foods like colorful fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens; tubers like yams and sweet potatoes; beans of all kinds; nuts and peanuts; rice, flatbreads and other grain foods, especially whole grains; healthy oils; homemade sauces and marinades of herbs and spices; fish, eggs, poultry and yogurt; and minimal consumption of meats and sweets."

So - as usual you left out the part about "fish, eggs, poultry and yogurt".

Common Foods of African Heritage

Fish & Seafood
bream (or porgy), catfish, cod, crappie, crayfish, dried fish, mackerel, mussels, oysters, perch, prawns, mackerel, rainbow trout, sardines, shrimp, tuna

Poultry, Eggs,
& Other Meats
chicken, turkey, eggs, lamb, beef

coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, shea butter

Dairy(if tolerated)
buttermilk, yogurt (non-lactose sources: almond milk, rice milk, soy milk)

cakes, custards, cobblers, pies made with fruits, nuts, and whole grains,
and light on added sugars