Thursday, May 8, 2014

Response to The Kosher Omnivore's Defense of Slavery

We Need Dialogue not Protests, Why I Stand by Urban Adamah and am Appalled by the Actions of the JVNA - The Kosher Omnivore's Quest

My response to specific statements of the Kosher Omnivore:

"....spent laying hens." 

No one has any Right to 'spend' any One's life, liberty, or property except One's own.  Your idea that you have a right to 'spend' a chicken's Life shows you to be an ardent defender of SLAVERY.

"...on a small class of fellow Jews that cares about animals and uses extremely high welfare practices rather than protest the atrocities that go on daily in industrial farms and slaughterhouses, then who am I to stop them?"   

Any One with any Con-science opposes all forms of SLAVERY regardless of how 'well' the slaves are treated or how few the slaves. 

"...cares about animals...."  

So your argument goes as follows: "I 'care' about my slaves, how can you oppose my holding them against their will and taking Life, Liberty, and Property from them?"   These words show your IGNOR-ance of the priniciples of Natural Law: 1) Do not do unto any One what you do not want done to One Self.  2) What by your Acts you sow, so shall you reap.  If One ever wonders why SLAVERY still exists, why 'authorities' take One's Life, Liberty, and Property at their whim you need only look in the mirror. You teach them to do it by your own Actions.  The term 'Self-Respect" literally means "take another look at One Self"  to see the Truth.  I see that you have a lack of experience in that practice.

"According to the JVNA this was a life and death struggle in which they needed to resort to desperate measures to save the life of 15 chickens but I put little stock in this narrative when millions of chickens are scalded to death in industrial slaughterhouses each year."   

IOW you are saying:  "My Violence is less than his Violence, leave me alone."  Or:  "Don't look at me, look at him."  All the moral reasoning of a juvenile.   The fact that someone else killed 16 chickens doesn't make it right for you to kill 15. Grow UP and take RESPONSE-ABILITY for your own Actions.  You are morally culpable for your actions.  By that I mean that you will reap what you sow, it is Natural Law. 

" order to bully them into canceling the class."  

LOL.  You take the Lives, Liberty, and Property of 15 innocent One's who lack the Actually Effective Power to Defend Themselves against your Violence, and you call people who oppose your Violence on these Power-less Ones 'Bullies"?  That is rich indeed!  Violence is NEVER a Right, always a Wrong, and the use of Force in to oppose Violence to any One is always a Right, NEVER a Wrong.  The JVNA did the Right, and you did the Wrong. 

"There exists another very important value in Judaism, that of tshuvah, which means repentance or return. The JVNA needs to commit to the fostering of intelligent and thoughtful dialogue rather than the path of forceful intolerance that they’ve chosen. "  

LOL.  The JVNA should repent for doing what is Right?  You truly are in Darkness.  Let me repeat:  Taking Life, Liberty, or Property from any One is Violence and Wrong.  The use of Force to resist Violence is NOT Violence because Violence only occurs when one Violates a Right; Force resisting Violence is ALWAYS a Right, not a Wrong.   If you exercise a little Self-Respect (as described above) you will See that you yourself would exert Force to resist Violence of your Life, Liberty, or Property -- unless you have truly become a complete and willing SLAVE.

Which brings me to this: You do not even understand the meaning of your ritual. It was invented by Priests to train the 'flock' to lay their own necks on the chopping block at the pleasure and whim of the 'authorities.'  They invented the oxymoronic mind-control concept of bloodless ('kosher') slaughter to train the 'flock' to accept SLAVERY.   You are trapped in the net of Mind- and Heart- numbing indoctrination (memes).  I hope One Awakens before One find One's own neck on the chopping block. 

Remember this:  "First they came for the chickens, and I said nothing, because I am not a chicken...."  You can fill in the rest.

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Nitram said...

His profile says:

'My name is Yadidya Greenberg and I'm a Kosher Omnivore on a mission! A mission to create a better world for animals and people. I'm a certified shochet (kosher ritual slaughterer) and animal welfare educator & entrepreneur.'

Thank God he's not in charge of the welfare of children. He doesn't know the meaning of the word 'welfare'. A better world for the other animals would be one where humans didn't abuse, torture and slaughter them.

He wrote:

'If they had taken the opportunity to set up a debate about the ethics of animal slaughter I would have applauded them. But instead JVNA decided to mount a protest; instead of engaging in intelligent and meaningful dialogue they decided to scream and yell so loud that the other side would have no recourse.'

Should the anti-slavery campaigners have engaged in intelligent and meaningful dialogue? Or should they have done anything they could to defend the rights of black people to have rights?

All slaughter is cruel but unstunned slaughter is more cruel. I generally ask these fanatics a question: if their loved one - a parent, child, spouse - was going to be killed by having their throat slit, would they rather their loved one was conscious or unconscious at the time?

He is treating other species as objects not worthy of rights. Jews and people of a Jewish background* have been treated like that for centuries by other people. You would think he'd have the ability to empathise with fellow beings who are abused and treated with contempt by those stronger than they are.

*I call people who consider themselves Jews but are not religious, 'People of a Jewish Background'. It could be said I am of a Catholic background but I am not a Catholic nor even a Christian.