Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Powered By Plants Paperback Now Available on Amazon

Click on the image to go to the Amazon page.  You can browse through the book for a limited time.



Phillip Kooper said...

how about a Kindle edition?

malena said...

Thank you, I have just ordered the book. Will be interesting to compare with e.g Staffan Lindeberg (however, his studies on the super-healthy Kitawans showed 70% of their intake was from carbohydrates so not much room left there for animal foods considering some of the remaining 30% fat and protein probably was from plant sources).

I've been reducing my animal food and fat intake the last year (from a fairly low amount to start with) and I feel better than in a long time, so time to go 100% I suppose !

gardenerG said...

I got my copy, read it one day. It was a very enjoyable read, well researched. I'm keeping my copy as a reference. I thought it was going to be more dietary related (there is a short section on recommendations) but instead is seminal documentary on human physiology ideally suited to fruits and vegetables - so I am not actually disappointed with my purchase. (I saw a typo in the section on Neanderthals - the "he" should have been "the".)

Lincoln Madison said...

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Caleb said...

Hi Mr. Matesz. Could you please comment on algal DHA/EPA consumption? Many vegans swear by it & it's cruelty-free!