Friday, December 2, 2011

Discovering Tao

Tracy and I have started a new blog together:  Discovering Tao: Training For Awakening Oneself.

My first posts there:

Staying Flexible features this video:

If You Want To Rebel, Act Kind about Pancho Ramos Stierle, the guy meditating surrounded by police in war-gear.

Meditation Disturbs The Peace?


Peter said...

Don, this is off-topic, but I beg you to check primitivenutrition-youtube channel. The channel contains 71 very high-class videos refuting the paleo fad diet bogus.

This stuff is gold, and a chamber for new blog-thread ideas.

You can start from the paleo-crew's favourite child, the inuits. Discover the great health of inuits..ahem...videos 27 & 28. Learn as well from the cancer and rheumatoid arthirisis of Masai among heaps of other things.

Don said...


Thanks for that link. The producer has done an amazing job.