Sunday, January 24, 2010

Potential Thyroid Toxins in Cookware, Clothing, and Carpets

The primal perspective rests on the discordance hypothesis, that modern diseases arise from a discord between our modern environments and our stone age biology. Thus, it predicts that any chemical product of modern technology absent from the paleo environment would likely cause disease.

In efforts to make life "convenient," short-sighted "scientists" have developed and introduced into the environment a whole host of chemicals containing halogens such as chlorine, bromine, iodine, and fluorine. These chemicals never occurred in the primal environment, so the human body lacks the ability to detoxify them, and does not have adaptation to an environment contaminated with them.

Since the human thyroid requires iodide for production of thyroid hormone, and all halogens share similar electrochemical and physical properties, a primal philosopher like myself can predict that synthetic halogen-containing chemicals could have harmful effects on thyroid function.

So I felt no surprise to learn today that British researchers have found that people having high blood levels of perfluorinated chemicals found in food wrappings, non-stick pans, carpets, and fabrics report an elevated risk of thyroid disease.

After analyzing blood serum levels of two types of perfluorinated chemicals in nearly 4,000 U.S. adult men and women, they found that women having blood levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the highest quartile reported thyroid disease more than twice as frequently those in the lowest two quartiles. They found a similar but not statistically significant in men.

Among men, those who had high levels of perfluoroctane sulphonate (PFOS) in their blood had greater incidence of reported thyroid disease, but the same association was not found in women.

This study only detected an association, and did not establish causation. However, the published study refers to previous animal studies thath have shown that these chemicals may affect the thyroid adversely.

So where do people get exposed to these chemicals?

“Perfluorinated chemicals are pervasive in industrial and consumer products, including food packaging, flame-resistant and waterproof clothing, chemical-resistant tubing and stain-resistant coatings for carpets. The chemicals are chosen for their ability to repel heat, water, grease and stains…..”

And the main source?

“The main source of human exposure to PFOA and PFOS is unknown, but it's believed to be through diet, such as from greaseproof food wrappings, researchers said. People may also inhale household dust that contained PFOA or PFOS from fireproof or waterproof coatings on fabrics or carpeting.”

The half-life in the human body of PFOA is 3.8 years and that of and PFOS is 5.4 years. Toxicologists have found PFOA and PFOS in water, air and soil, even in remote areas of the globe. The blood of birds, fish and polar bears also contain PFOA and PFOS.

On the bright side:

“Because of concerns about toxicity, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency got commitments from eight manufacturers of PFOA to reduce emissions and usage of PFOA and related chemicals by 95 percent this year, and to move toward eliminating usage of the chemicals completely by 2015.”

Have you ever wondered why we do this? Why do we (humans) create toxic materials and poison ourselves with them? I mean, I think most people can appreciate that a rational approach would entail the precautionary principle, first do no harm. Yet it seems that our “scientists” rarely if ever question their omniscience, omnibenevolence, and omnipotence with regard to altering the furniture of nature. Why?

I believe that the people (“scientists”) who do this type of thing are both effects and victims of a diseased world-view. The fundamental disease is called dualism, a world-view that envisions the human mind/species as “made in the image” of an omniscient, omnipotent supernatural Big Boss of the Universe, and thus envisions the human mind as the divinely ordained, omniscient, supernatural, omnibenevolent Boss of “dumb” nature.

Entranced by the idea that human intelligence is a stranger in a strange land, our “scientists” labor the delusion that the conscious mind “knows” more than the system (nature) out of which it arose, and of which is it a very weak and small part. They view themselves as smart and the world (including the body) as stupid. Plus, they consider themselves as the elite divine priesthood and the common people as mere fodder for nuclear, chemical, biological (genetic engineering), psychical, and social experimentation.

In reality, they operate like adolescents who can’t believe that their elders have anything useful to say. They have pubescent knowledge, but no primal wisdom.


jeffry said...

i disagree about the source of technologists' behavior. i think it is just a narrow focus on achieving a certain result, flame retardation or inhibiting microbial growth, for example, while ignoring externalities. it's like a factory designed to dump its effluent in the nearest river, without thought of what's downstream - it "solves" the immediate problem of getting rid of the waste products without thought of distant consequences. feeling superior to nature requires that you think about nature in the first place. that would be progress.

Jerome said...

Wow, I just read Fluoride by Barry Groves. Currently reading The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson

Fluoridation of drinking water is not helping this situation at all. It may even be one of the primary causes.

As for why these things are allowed to happen, it might be dualistic arrogance, or maybe someone throws enough grant funding to make bad findings disappear...perhaps both.

Dr. B G said...


Very well done and highly articulated.


Chris said...

Love it!
It is amazing how many adults and even elderly are adolescent in their behavior.

Greg said...

I'm not sure if it is correct to place all the blame on scientists. Ultimately the ones making the decisions to create these products are businessmen. In some cases there may be some head scientists involved in calling shots but many others may just be following through on experiments.

Jim Purdy said...

"Have you ever wondered why we do this?"

Why? What's wrong with the obvious explanation, which is that people are motivated by self-interest, specifically the money they can make from manufacturing and selling this junk.

Outlaw this stuff, punish people and companies that produce it, take the economic incentives away, and you will eliminate much of the problem.

Don't expect an appeal to morality to override the profit motive.

Sorry, libertarians and tea partiers, but government regulation can be a good thing.

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Melissa @ Cellulite Investigation said...

You are right that our major source of fluoride is diet. I know this from experience. I have a nifty built-in fluoride radar called fluoroderma. It took me years to figure it out, but my lifelong battle with cystic acne is caused from fluoride ingestion. I was diagnosed with fluoroderma over a year ago but it took several months of trial and error to get my fluoride exposure down to an acceptable level. Some of the worst culprits are non-organic wine and any soup made from non-organic chicken bones.

Thanks for blogging about this important topic. We need to get the word out about the negative health effect of fluoride! I hope I live to see the day when America abandons the archaic practice of fluoridating half the public water supply. It's just not good for a girl's complexion (to say the least).

Don said...


The narrow focus arises from the underlying, dualistic world view. If they thought non-dualistically, they could not have a narrow focus.


Processed cereals are actually the main dietary source of fluoride.






I didn't "blame" the scientists. I said that the scientists themselves are products and victims of the application of a dualistic world view. The architects of our world view, primarily philosophers, ultimately are to blame for that world view and its effects.


We have a bunch of regulation and it doesn't result in an end to the invention and application of dangerous chemicals and drugs. The regulatees just keep infiltrating the regulatory agencies (watch The Future of Food for examples) to regulate the regulations. The EPA and FDA are hostages of industry and this will always happen; when you concentrate power in government, parasites will always try to hijack that power, and will always succeed. Faith in regulation depends on believing that somehow only "good" people will get into the government. Moreover, regulation is action after the fact, it doesn't prevent production of toxins, it reacts to them once they have already been released. I'm interested in what changing the world view that leads people to disregard safety for convenience or so-called "progress." The problem lies in our way of looking at the world, the way we view ourselves as separate from nature, and nature as defective in need of technological upgrades.



Aaron Blaisdell said...

Don, you're channeling Nassim Taleb. :)

Don said...


Really? I haven't read anything by him, only a few quotes here and there. Maybe I should read Black Swan.

Aaron Blaisdell said...

I think you'd love The Black Swan. Wait for the paperback edition due out later this year. He's adding over 100 new pages to it.

Anonymous said...

"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."

Most people's initial reaction to any given problem is a kneejerk and counterproductive one.

Anonymous said...

i dont disagree with you but i believe there is MUCH MUCH MUCH more to thyroid than even understood and much besides toxins

Anonymous said...

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