Sunday, June 28, 2009

Islam deprives women of vitamin D

Acharya S has an excellent post on her blog Truth Be Known, titled Muslim Women, Vitamin D, and Osteomalacia. I highly recommend taking a look at it. She quite rightly states:

"In the global debate regarding the dress codes for Muslim women, one important factor is often overlooked: The fact that depriving a human being from live-giving sunlight and air represents physical torture. Indeed, this form of torture has been used for centuries in prisons."

Acharya has written several excellent books on the solar myth that forms the basis of Christianity, including The Christ Conspiracy, Suns of God, and Who Was Jesus? I recommend all of them to anyone who wants to understand the roots of Christianity.


Richard Nikoley said...

Not a funny subject, but your post did remind me of one of mine from a few years back.

Richard Nikoley said...

OK, Don, so I stewed about this...and thanks for the inspiration.